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    Default I FEEL GOOD DEE DEE DEE DAA!!!!!!  OH YEAH!!!

    Hi Guys,

    Well here we go.!!!

    We had quite a hectic 2 weeks before leaving not knowing whether the house was going to go through before we left, which it did 1 day before we left then it was hit or miss as to whether all the monies were completed or not. People moving into our house were sat outside til 5pm when we finally got word that all monies were in right places, except ours which was sat in our solicitor?s bank account until next day cos they ran out of time. I felt so relieved that they were able to move in that day, we had somewhere to sleep but they didn?t and had 3 kids, how bad would that of been. We had trouble getting the house clear as every time we knuckled into it some friends would come round to say a final goodbye, which put us behind, but what the heck, friends first I say. Very sad leaving friends and family behind though, but it has been made easier with technology and it?s made us feel much closer.

    We flew out of Heathrow on the 9th August, weren?t we the lucky ones, a day before all the bomb threats, those poor poor people. We flew with Singapore Airlines, They were just superb,having flown with Virgin before I didn?t think anybody could beat them, but hey Singapore wins hands down for me, everything from food, entertainment, comfort, and of course service all a big thumbs up. Sorry left the bit out about arriving at Heathrow only to find that we had either lost or packed in the container our credit card, luckily enough we still had our English bank account with some money in it, the rest was sitting in our ASB Bank transfer account and could touch it until we activated our account in New Zealand. So, good old mum come to the rescue also lending 200 just in case. Arrived in Singapore on the 10th August, for 3 nights, staying at the Shangri-la rasa Sentosa hotel, yes a thumbs up again for that one also. We flew into Auckland on the 13th August at about midnight, and stayed at the Garden Inn Best Western Mangaree, okish, but what a shock when we woke up in the morning to see Mangaree, wouldn?t be what I would have chosen and a bad impression to anybody landing in NZ for the first time. Most of the Airport hotels are in this location so I?m gonna recommend now a really nice one to try, The Ellersie Best Western, in Mt. Wellington it lovely and the couple who run it were fab too, very busy hotel though so make booking early.

    We Spent a week in Auckland visiting friends in North shore and pakuranga so had a busy week there. Travelled down to Tauranga Bay Of Plenty, on Tuesday 22nd August and we took the scenic route through the gorge on the road to Waihi, It was absolutely beautiful and very surreal really Landscape like England but all these Giant Ferns And Palm trees everywhere, Yes we had entered another universe. Stopping on route at the Waihi Gold Mine, what a pit, it?s blooming massive. We arrived at Tauranga at about 5pmish and found ourselves digs for a few days, Felt much better here than in Auckland. Don?t get me wrong Auckland is an amazing city but country bumkins like me felt a bit aloof in a place like that and it was so refreshing to finally hit countryside just a hour outside of Auckland. Tauranga is a big place and it boggles your mind a bit as to where to begin looking for somewhere to rent and start the kids in school. So, anybody thinking of coming here give yourselves 2 ? 3 weeks and it will give you a good idea.
    Our First 3 Nights we stayed in a place called Bennetts, Okish, but then we stayed in apartments along Waihi Road for 2 weeks. Then we met up with a real estate agent who was showing us house in Te Puna, went back to his for Cuppa and then they asked if we wood like to House sit their home why they return to the UK for 2 ? weeks. OMG were we lucky, 4 Beddie, swimming Pool, 3 Acres 12 sheep, 4 chooks, 1 cat & 1 Dog, well I was in my element, absolutely loved it. Whilst we were there Moose decided he fancied a career change and gave up the career of mechanical fitter engineer, of which he has known all his working life, to go back to poly for 2 weeks to obtain his certificate in real estate, passing with flying colours I must add, My god can that man talk. And just landed himself a job at Eves In Papamoa.

    Well, While we were house sitting we decided Moose needed to be close to his work and have purchase house and land package in Papamoa, Quite a nice place, But for me give me the hills I love it, But Moose a bit unsure on that for him, so for now we are here, but I?m sure I will cope.


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    Default Re: I FEEL GOOD DEE DEE DEE DAA!!!!!! ?OH YEAH!!!


    Well house sitting came to an end and I am missing that lifestyle and now in Papamoa, and yes we have landed on our feet again. ?We were struggling to get a house rent within the school zone of where the house is being built and I still can?t believe my luck, but Kim the woman in the sales office where we brought house deal asked us if we would like to live in her house while house is being built while she moves in with her boyfriend, on one condition though that her 18yr daughter stayed, well she is 18 going on 25 lovely girl, and Moose is liking it a lot, having to chuck cold water over him now and again. ?So things are all hunky dorey here for us, we have met some lovely people, helpful, kind and very obliging. ?

    If You are in Tauranga pop in and see Debbie and Henry At the Devonport Brassie in Devonport Road, They are such cool people and have helped and advised us on so much, and their food is good.

    Just A word to all of you waitingto arrive here, You will love it, you will also experience so many twist and turns in your journey it really will be amazing, you will find that the Kiwis are so so accommodating to your needs, that what they do for you knocks your socks off, you just wouldn?t get that in UK, or if you did it would be so rare.

    A song springs to mind ?Zippedy doo daa Zippedy day, My oh my what a beautiful day??????????????????? ?

    ;) [smiley=023.gif] [smiley=031.gif] [smiley=Amen_sign.gif]

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    Default Re: I FEEL GOOD DEE DEE DEE DAA!!!!!! ?OH YEAH!!!

    We flew out of ?Heathrow on the 9th August, weren?t we the lucky ones, a day before all the bomb threats, those poor poor people.
    Yeah, tell me about it! ? ::) ?Not to worry, it all worked out fine in the end. ? ;)

    Hey Moose, ?

    Haven't you done well, eh? ?You're like one of those 'I've been everywhere, man' types. ?Thrilling to hear your story and that you're happy with life down under. ?Funny how we've got a few who've settled in the Bay of Plenty area recently. We'll have all our eggs in one basket at this rate. ?

    to Moose (the male version) on getting his finger out, retraining and getting a job, all in a short space of time. ?

    Long may your luck continue. ?Wishing you all the very best for the future. ?
    Mother Bear

    Try to bloom wherever you are planted.

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    Default Re: I FEEL GOOD DEE DEE DEE DAA!!!!!! ?OH YEAH!!!

    Wow! Isn't that just amazing reading?!!!

    Excellent advice there for future immigrants too!

    I am so glad everything has been going well. It must be such a relief for you to leave the bad luck behind in the UK and embrace the new.


    In NZ since June 2005
    Better to light a candle than to curse the darkness - Chinese proverb

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    Default Re: I FEEL GOOD DEE DEE DEE DAA!!!!!! ?OH YEAH!!!

    Hey Moose,

    I'm so happy for you guys. You sound so happy and relaxed now compared to earlier posts in the year. It's good when things work out.

    It is amazing how quickly you fit in and feel at home. It's a really great environment to experience.

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    Default Re: I FEEL GOOD DEE DEE DEE DAA!!!!!!  OH YEA

    Wow - good fortune and good experiences have been with you. It must be that positive outlook you have. Good on y'all.
    If men had wings and bore black feathers, few of them would be clever enough to be crows.
    - Rev. Henry Ward Beecher, mid-1800s

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    Default Re: I FEEL GOOD DEE DEE DEE DAA!!!!!! ?OH YEAH!!!

    Thats soooo good to hear,and long may your luck continue

    all the best Tom & Ally

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