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Thread: Packers are in!

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    Default Packers are in!

    We've the chaps from Anglo-Pacific in to do the packing, as we complete on the house on 15th Sept. A few weeks to tidy things up in UK then off we go!

    Anyway, I had a search on the forum for info on washing and drying machines, should and can we take them?

    We've spent ages pressure washing and dettol'ing all sort of things like bikes, stone garden ornaments and garden tools, etc, (tho I've also painted things to give them that new look). Anybody had problems with these items?



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    Default Re: Packers are in!

    Hi Tony,

    We didn't bring any white goods, but if your washing and machines are not too old, and you have the space, then pack them. You have to remember that some models are a bit difficult to repair and get parts for here.

    You also have to think about how you are going to do your washing when you get here as laundrettes are difficult to find. We knew we were going to have to wait six weeks before getting our furniture and, with four kids, decided we would need a new washing machine rather than washing by hand.

    Lastly, remember to make sure they are completely empty of water and dry, and the pipes taped off to prevent dripping in your container. Might be worth asking if they happen to have a silica gel bag to put into the machine, though it may be unlikely.


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    Default Re: Packers are in!

    Good news about the house, Tony. [smiley=thumbsup.gif] Hope all goes well with the shipment.

    Great advice from Glenda regarding shipping your kitchen appliances.
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    Default Re: Packers are in!

    Hi Tony,

    All the best to you and your family. We haven't recieved our container yet, only washed some wellies and tool box and fins and one garden pot I had to take. We sent our freezer but not the fridge and washing machine in the end... against my better judgement cuz those things cost a fortune here it would seem!!! I even spotted a 2nd hand rusty fridge outside a shop we drove past the other day, selling for $250!!! What!!!!!!!!!!!
    Hope all goes well, you sound very well prepared anyway!!

    Debra and Eddie and co


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