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    Hi Guys,
    Just a comment regarding shippers.

    Have contacted 3 shippers, CROWN, ALLIED PICKFORDS and PSS.

    Only PSS bothered to reply. I guess the other two are so inundated with work that they couldn't find the time to email.

    I'd be interested to know if others have had similar experiences.

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    Hi Julian,

    Well, it's been over 18 months since we contacted all three for our shipping. We telephoned (not emailed) and they made an appointment to come to the house almost right away. It may well be they are inundated, but it may be that emails are just not given priority.

    BTW, with our quotes Allied was the most expensive, PSS the cheapest. We went with Crown. Don't forget to play one against the other - we got Crown down to almost the same price as PSS.

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    Like Glenda, we also phoned various companies (met up with Pickfords rep at London expo in March 06 and they then phoned us!) - we had quotes from PSS, Pickfords, Britannia, Anglo-Pacific and Bargates. ?Chose Pickfords as they were the most professional - though we have had a few communication problems since (!). ?Our stuff is due to arrive at end of Sept, so can't comment on their service this end, but the packing crew was excellent. ?The other companies lost our business for a number of reasons, one had to phone us after the rep had been to see us cos the rep couldn't remember whether the piano we were shipping was a grand piano - he had only been to see us about an hour before!!

    Hope this helps


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