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Thread: children's car seats

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    Default children's car seats

    Just wondering whether anyone knows if there is any point in us shipping out our Britax stage 2 car seats? One of the shipping company reps made a comment that they are not legal in NZ, but no-one else seems to think there is a problem. Both seats are nearly new, and as I wouldn't feel comfortable selling them, it may be sensible to take them with us. Any comments?

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    Default children's car seats

    i don't think they are illegal.
    our kids are 4 and 7 and in the uk they had a stage 2 and a booster respectively.

    here the 7 year old doesnt use anything and the wee fella has a booster.

    the thing is what will you do for the 6 to 10 weeks you are without one?
    You will need to get something from somewhere.
    We picked the booster seat up from Farmers for $60.
    It's Britax made and he loves the fact that he gets to put the proper seat belt on.

    (simple things.... and all that..)

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    Default children's car seats

    Don't forget there are plenty places where you can rent car seats and other childrens necesities from... Try plunket or playgroups... Depends on what area you're going...

    Or... get the car seats on the plane? Some of my friends took them on board and the children sat on them... (however, depends how old the children are I suppose...)

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    Default children's car seats

    HI Guys

    We're putting 2 car seats in the plane hold as they don't count as part of your baggage allowance



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    Default children's car seats

    reply needed in 12 hours hehe. Air Malaysia seem to think they will be included as part of our 20kg allowance. We can't take them on that basis, not sure if this is air malaysia only. Perhaps someone can clarify.

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