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Thread: removal recommendations

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    Default removal recommendations

    Hi guys
    i now this has been covered before but i just wanted to hear the latest
    experiences or recommendations for removal companys
    will be collecting quotes soon and wanted to narrow down the field.
    bargate international and pss have been used by friends of friends
    with no complaints. but lots of conflicting reports on web about there service
    can u help please!!

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    Default removal recommendations

    Hi monkeyboy,

    Not much I can add I'm afraid other than to say we used Bargate for our shipping and they provided excellent service and were very helpful.

    Mind you, that was 18 months ago so I can't vouch for their service still being as good!


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    Default removal recommendations

    We are using Curtiss came in the best price £2900 for container to Auckland.

    Curtiss Removals and Storage Ltd, Portsmouth, Hampshire, UK.

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    Default removal recommendations


    Our friends used Britannia and they were quite complimentary about there service. Some small breakages which they claimed for, not sure how the insurance side of things panned out. We've just had the rep from Britannia around tonight and he was good. The price for a 22 foot container came in at ?3600. Not the cheapest but includes 4 weeks free pre-storage before shipment. Extra weeks cost ?47. I tried to knock him down on price and get extra weeks of storage for free but without much success. We'll probably be going with this firm as the rep made a good pitch and didn't oversell or get up our noses as others did (pss).

    For insurance I'm look closely at Leyton Percival as mentioned by Mother Bear on one of her posts.

    Hope this helps, one to rule out or in.


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