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Thread: Getting the jitters

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    Default Getting the jitters

    Hi folks, been a while since I've been on. Things have been soooo hectic. My poor Mum had a bad fall & broke her leg in 2 places plus broke her foot, all this just a week before her and my dad were flying out to Oz for a 4 week hol.

    Mike's step-mum has just had bowel surgery to remove a tumour and is very ill in hospital.

    A wee man is coming tomorrow to take pictures of our house so it can go on the market and my 3 lovely children have the house covered with yoghurt, crisps and snot!

    I think the enormity of what we're doing is sinking in & I'm worried about the loved ones we're leaving behind. Keep thinking, what if we are making a big mistake! Argh, can't believe I'm even posting this, what a moany git I am sounding!! Felt a wee bit better reading Natty's positive posts so far.

    Has anyone else experienced all these wierd feelings?


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    Default Getting the jitters

    Better to have the jitters before you go than afterwards. ?Get them out of the way now. ?It?s like any other major change in your life, there?s often doubts and niggling worries kicking about. ?If you?ve done all your research and really want to go for it, that should be enough to carry you through. ?You know you'd only regret it if you didn't do it. ?I always find, the more I worry, the better things turn out. ?Not a nice way of doing things, but that's the way the cookie crumbles for me.

    It?s very unfortunate that obstacles are being put in your way at the moment, but I?m sure it?ll all sort itself out given time. Just as well it?s happening now rather than when you?d newly arrived in NZ and had more than enough to cope with in trying to settle. ? ?

    Your mum must be tarred with the same brush as me. ?I broke my ankle in 2 places just before a holiday to NZ. ?I trust she gets on better with her crutches than I did . ?I should have had ?L? plates on mine. ?Hope she?ll be on the mend soon and doesn?t have a doctor like mine who keeps telling her how much longer it?s going to take to heal because she?s OLD and got osteoporosis. ?By the time your mum is well healed, they can come to NZ to visit you instead of going to Oz. ? [smiley=icon_biggrin.gif]

    All the best for the house sale. ? ?[smiley=023.gif]
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    Default Getting the jitters

    It is a sad fact that, unless one is very lucky, growing old means more medical problems.

    During the past couple of years, my parents between them have had problems with diverticulitis, cataracts, prostrate, asthma and high blood pressure and a minor stroke. They accept their situation and realise that we have to live our own lives and be happy. It does help that they have each other, a son and sister within 30 miles, and are not prone to falling apart at any misfortune. We email every other day and I know more of their problems than I did when I lived in the UK, probably because they know I can't just pop round and make a fuss!

    At the other end of the scale, father-in-law expects his children to care for him in his old age and total bedside devotion when he is not well, and is one of the (several) reasons why my husband is now staying in the UK.

    When my parents moved to NZ in the 1970's, one of the reasons we went back to the UK was because my grandfather was dying of lung cancer. My father was restless with worry and felt he had to be with his family. On our return his family were coping perfectly well without him and whilst initially pleased to see him, could not understand why he moved from NZ to be there.

    Everyone's situation is different, but it does sound like your parents are generally active and capable (from their plans to go to Oz) and I am sure would want you to experience life to the full and make a better life for yourself and your family. It is hard leaving family, and you will miss their visits, but if you don't do it you could be always wondering 'what if?'

    Wish you luck with the house sale - will keep my fingers crossed for you.

    In NZ since June 2005
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