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Thread: Cat Shipping Costs

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    Default Cat Shipping Costs

    Can anyone give me a ball park figure for shipping 2 cats to NZ?

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    Default Cat Shipping Costs

    1500 rings a bell but I'm not sure the thread we had about it really pinned it down in the end.

    Seem to remeber reading something tho and must have as I ruled out taking my two as a result. Could be way wrong tho.

    Very interested in a response to this one fellow posters.

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    Default Cat Shipping Costs

    Hi Julian,

    I think you?d be looking very loosely at up to the ?2,000 mark for the 2 cats, although it's thought that shipping 2 cats works out cheaper per cat than just one cat. As well as shipping costs there are fees for doing all the required vaccinations and tests before the cats leave the UK, so this figure is for more or less everything.

    You can have the tests done at a local vet?s, but also some of the shippers can arrange it for you, plus sorting out all the relevant paperwork. If this was the case, your cats would need to be boarded with them for a few weeks prior to their leaving the country, which would give you a chance to get to NZ and find a suitable home where they could be brought to. I've allowed for the cost of boarding in with the total amount above.

    Costs can vary from shipper to shipper, so it?s best to ring around and check first. Golden Arrow has a very good reputation for handling everything in a professional manner, but, no doubt, there will be others. Unfortunately Golden Arrow isn?t contactable by email, so it?d be a case of snail mail or a phone call.

    Here?s a site that gives you an idea of where in the UK the shippers are and provides links to them.
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    Default Cat Shipping Costs

    Thanks very much Stevey and MB for a prompt response.

    It's given me an idea of how much to put aside for this task.

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