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Thread: Pros and cons of packing your own container etc.?

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    Default Pros and cons of packing your own container etc.?

    We are trying to figure out if it is worth saving the money by not hiring a professional mover. I found out somewhere online that you can rent a container, pack it yourself and then have it shipped. We are in Gainesville, Florida now and will be moving to Christchurch sometime in August. I am dreading all these problems with mold, breakage etc. that I have read about. If anyone has moved from the US and has some good advice, I would love to hear from y'all. We are a couple and probably have around 7,000 lbs. to move (so said one of the moving companies who gave us an estimate).....our relocation allowance is only US$8k.
    Also, I am worried if I should try to move my Yamaha upright piano...will the heat crack the soundboard etc. I am a pianist and will need a piano. The used ones I saw online are inferior to mine for the price I would get if I sold it. Also, has anyone packed decorative silk flowers and trees in baskets? I know they are fussy about wicker - I have handmade baskets and stuff like, I did not harvest these materials to make them. About shells, wood etc....I make jewelry for a hobby and have tons of beads...some made of shells and wood...not harvest by me either....come to think of it, I think the paua shell ones may have been harvest in NZ and sold to craft stores here in the funny.
    We have started processing our cat for export....will make me $4k poorer by the time he gets there. Any recommendations for good pet transporters?
    This is so exciting, but also many few answers! I am just delighted to find this forum!
    Please respond...any of you US migrants!

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    Default Pros and cons of packing your own container etc.?

    I?m not from the US so can?t give any direct information, but here and here?s a couple of links to previous forum topics about packing and containers which might be of some interest if you?re thinking of doing it yourselves. I guess you?d need to price up a rental container and cost of shipping it etc. and compare it with a few quotes from shipping companies to get a good idea of whether it?s worth the hassle of doing it all yourselves.

    I don?t know how you would stand for getting your belongings insured if you packed everything yourself. Some shippers are funny about insuring self-packed boxes and containers, as they can?t guarantee the state of the packing. Perhaps you?d have a better deal through an independent company that deals in marine insurance rather than going through the shippers.

    These are some links to US shipping companies, but I have to say I have no personal knowledge as to whether they are any good or not.

    Perhaps Selchie can add some more helpful US-type information when she's next on the forum.

    And welcome to the forum, too [smiley=006.gif] . Mustn?t forget that bit. [smiley=icon_biggrin.gif]
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    Default Pros and cons of packing your own container etc.?

    There could be exceptions, but generally insurance companies will only insure for the loss of your furniture and effects, not for any damage, if you pack your own.

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    Default Pros and cons of packing your own container etc.?

    I've stalled on most of my research for now, but have this link to a pet shipper's association which could help with selection: There was a pet shipper out of LA that came with good reports, but for some reason I didn't make a bookmark. It's probably listed on the above site. Be sure to check this site for all the particulars: Fortunately our vet is USDA-approved, so he is able to do all the preliminary work for us.

    Here are some mover/shipper links I have, but haven't perused for a while: and

    Perhaps MAF and Customs can help with natural product questions. I've heard they can be quite nice and helpful. I have a few of my own questions, but am waiting until things get really hectic before I start asking them :icon_neutral: .
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    Default Pros and cons of packing your own container etc.?

    Thanks for the replies! I was told by the quarantine station in Christchurch that International Pet Transportation ( was reliable. I contacted them and they gave me a detailed quote and sounded like they would take good care of Felix, el gato. They were going to charge me around $1,450 for everything minus quarantine in NZ. Of course this is on top of our vet fees (which will amount to around $600 when all is said and done). There are others around, but I was warned that some are merely shipping people who want to make a quick watch out.
    Does anyone know which electrical appliances from the US should be left here since transformers would not suffice to convert them for NZ use? I heard from one person that dryers and some heat-producing appliances don't work, besides the TVs of course. Any insights into stuff like toaster ovens, blenders deep fryers etc.? We have tons of unused new appliances from wedding gifts...what a waste to sell them at a garage sale!
    When are you moving to NZ, Selchie?

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    Default Pros and cons of packing your own container etc.?

    I moved from the UK and had packers in. In all the stress of leaving work, getting rid of belongings and sying goodbye, I felt it was worth paying the money to have it done for me. Everything arrived here unharmed too!

    I think with baskets etc, as long as you declare them on your customs form, they'll open up the box they're in and check them. Then they'll either pass them, fumigate them or (I presume) confiscate them. I think you have to pay extra if they have to check too. Not 100% on this :icon_question:

    I didn't bring any'white goods' or tv but the playstation, dvd player, stereos, lamps etc work just cost me a fortune on adapters!


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