This is a master list of New Zealand related websites that will help those interested in migrating to NZ find useful information to help you make informed decisions for just about every aspect of your life.

[b:ec4b677ab9][size=18:ec4b677ab9]Banking, Financial & Investment: [/size:ec4b677ab9][/b:ec4b677ab9]
Special Note: New Zealand Banks do not have any type of deposit insurance so please research your bank carefully before choosing Guide to ASB fees. Currency transfers Open an account online. Open a bank account from the UK currency transfer site Currency exchange rate - Investment bank. Savings accounts in excess of 7% with a minimum balance of $1. List of registered NZ banks (sharebrokers aka stockbrokers) TSB (Taranaki Savings Bank) - Only bank that doesn't charge fees (if you have $5,000 or more in your account). Money transfer site. Online facility to open an account. Currency converter.

[size=18:ec4b677ab9][b:ec4b677ab9]Campsites [/b:ec4b677ab9][/size:ec4b677ab9] - you?ll need the zoom-in facility to read this. Campervan site. South Island. List of holiday parks all over NZ.

[size=18:ec4b677ab9][b:ec4b677ab9]Car dealers[/b:ec4b677ab9][/size:ec4b677ab9] - (only a small sample)
[i:ec4b677ab9]General[/i:ec4b677ab9] Nationwide. Brush up on the NZ Highway Code. Fact sheet for immigrants wanting to drive in NZ. Order your personalised number plates. Cars for sale online.

[i:ec4b677ab9]Auckland based ? new and used vehicles[/i:ec4b677ab9] Landrovers, Jaguar, Volvo, Subaru Chevrolet specialists 4WDs 4WDs, people carriers etc. Nissan, Suzuki Renault Rover

[i:ec4b677ab9]Wellington based [/i:ec4b677ab9] Ford Nissan Mercedes-Benz, Saab, Alfa Romeo, Fiat Alfa Romeo, Fiat Toyota Motorhomes and conversions 4WDs and people carriers Various Peugeot, Kia, Renault Audi, Porsche

[i:ec4b677ab9]Car Rentals[/i:ec4b677ab9]
[i:ec4b677ab9]Auckland [/i:ec4b677ab9](but some are also nationwide) . 4WD from Auckland, Christchurch or Queenstown airports Also do minibuses and 4WDs

[i:ec4b677ab9]Wellington[/i:ec4b677ab9] All types of vehicle for rent incl. motorhomes.

[i:ec4b677ab9]Motorhomes/Campervans/Caravans - to rent or to buy[/i:ec4b677ab9] Buses converted to motorhomes. Motorhome/campervan hire along with trip suggestions.

Cultures of New Zealand
Maori and kiwi language sites Learn about the history and overview of NZ. Learn Maori with sounds Maori dictionary also containing explanation of place names. Turn your sound on and scroll down to the heading ?Pure?, first song ?Pokarekare Ana? which is a snippet of the