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Thread: Auckland (done to death?)

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    Default Auckland (done to death?)

    Forgive me but this one must have been done to death. I am moving back to NZ after 10 years living in london. I left with a packpack and arriving with a wife and child, few more pounds and liver that has seen alot of excercise!

    I have a job in Manakau City, I have a company car so travel should not be a problem. I was thinking of living south of Auckland or east but south. I don't want to battle with traffic (a reason for coming back from the UK)

    :icon_rolleyes: So - where? a bit of space, need the essentials child care, shop blah blah, but I don't wish for much except see the beach and some open space or a nice sub urban, but multi cultural area - i like asian food and understand since I left NZ this has been the main immigration these days hopefully they have bought there food yum yum.

    ideas please and any good letting agents


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    Default Auckland (done to death?)

    Howick (Eastern Suburbs)may be the area for you. It's not "South Auckland" (the 'ghetto', which is a misnomer b/c there are no ghetto's here), but it's close enough in distance.

    I've heard that it's hard to get in and out of East Auckland though. That may go for just getting into the city, not necessarily for going to South Auckland.

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    Default Auckland (done to death?)

    Just half an hour to Manukau and living in the heart of the country- bliss.
    I know I bang on about the place but it really is lovely.


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