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Thread: What should we ship in container? What should we buy new?

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    Default What should we ship in container? What should we buy new?

    1. What items are recommended to be shipped in the move to New Zealand? (furniture? books? movies? electronics? etc.)

    2. What items would you recommend we leave behind and buy when we get to NZ?

    3. Are things like cosmetics, lotions, shampoo, vitamins, etc allowed to shipped in the container?

    4. are any foods allowed?

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    A general rule of thumb would be to take a good look at what you have, then decide which items only have a short time left before they need replacing. It's costly to ship things that will be thrown out before too long. However, if you are having a large container and have room to spare, then I guess you could put in more or less what you want (taking into consideration the MAF regulations about certain items not allowed into the country or needing inspection - very important). You mentioned books - books are pretty expensive in NZ so if you're an avid reader, it might be worth stocking up before leaving for NZ. Other than that, you could join a library when you're settled. DVDs would be OK if you have your own player with you, but otherwise they may not work depending on which zone they were recorded in (not sure how to explain this properly). Cosmetics, shampoos etc. would be allowed in the container but I don't know if it's worth stocking up on them as they are widely available in NZ. It would be wise to consider that the container will be spending a long time under way and may pass through some very hot and humid regions on its way downunder, so anything that may not tolerate the heat should be left out. As for foods, a few items are allowed into the country but should be in the original sealed container and must not contain seeds, nuts, meat, honey etc. You can read about this and other items for shipping [url=] under Shipping Personal Effects. You could also have a look at our NZ Website List under Shopping. There are some links (which I hope are still active) where you can look at prices of appliances and furniture as well as other household goods. It will give you some idea of what you would need to pay if you have to buy new when you arrive. I've heard in the past that there could be an issue with some TVs working down there, depending which type you have and a TV could be a delicate item to ship anyway. Most things are available in NZ, some may be more expensive than you would pay back home but others may be cheaper. If you are buying several electrical appliances together, you could always bargain for a discount and save money that way.
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    We had planned to buy new beds & living room furniture anyway but other than that we shipped everything except our cooker (our NZ house had one built in) and our fridge (it was old). When packing the shippers were good for advice. All food which was in date and in sealed containers (and not prohibited by MAF) was packed as well as cleaning products we had. We never stocked up on much except marmite (for OH, can't stand the stuff myself). We cleaned all our garden equipment and took that - even the garden shredder which passed through MAF unscathed. Looking back having returned to the UK we wish we had stocked up on coffee - sounds weird I know but for some reason the same brand was available in NZ but seemed to taste different and OH is fussy about his coffee. We shipped our plasma TV - a special crate was built for it. UK TV's will not normally work off a normal aerial in NZ but as most use SKY ours was ok. It even made the journey back unscathed too. If you have space pack what you can. NZ is not the back of beyond - there are shops and you can still buy most things (may bit more or less expensive).The more you bring with you the less you have to spend initially.
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    A short tip:

    If you have any antiques which are of no sentimental value, sell them. In a time of financial crisis, I took my antique furniture to a reputable Auckand auction house and received only a fifth of what they were worth in the 'old country'.
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