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Thread: Advice for relocation from Singapore to NZ

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    Default Advice for relocation from Singapore to NZ

    Hi, I will be moving to NZ soon. I have the following questions and would appreciate advice from anyone with similar experiences.

    (1) Any recommendation of a reliable and reasonably priced shipping company in Singapore? Also, things to look out for when dealing with the shipping company. FYI, we were recently quoted about SGD10,000 for a 20ft container.

    (2) Which items to ship to NZ? Furniture, electronics, whitewares (fridge, washer) etc.. I've had mixed advice from friends who moved there. Some said furniture sold in Singapore is not suitable to be used in NZ due to the difference in humidity. For electronics, some said the prices in NZ is not much different from Singapore now.

    (3) If you ship over furniture, is there a requirement for fumigation/quarantine..?

    (4) Are we subject to import taxes and GST when we're bringing in the above items, especially new items?

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    I can't really comment on the Singapore v. NZ issues but can only mention that if you think your furniture and other items are still in a fairly new condition, then it may be worth taking them to NZ. If, however, they will need replacing in a couple of years, it might be worth trying to sell or give them away before you leave Singapore and save the money you'd spend shipping them and use it towards buying new when you get to NZ. It probably depends what your furniture is made of as to whether customs will want to fumigate it or not. I imagine, for example, items made from rattan or whicker could attract attention. Generally I don't think most types of furniture has to be fumigated - at least ours didn't and it wasn't even inspected. Possibly wooden items from certain parts of the world attract more attention than from others. Apart from considering what needs to be done with your furniture, it must be noted that there are also stringent rules about bringing in other household and, especially, garden items.

    If you already have residency or a work permit I doubt you would have to pay GST. From what I hear, if you take your belongings into NZ while an application for residency is under way, but not yet completed, you may have to pay GST but should be able to claim it back later. New items, however, might come under scrutiny because of the duty they might attract. It depends on how closely customs inspect your things.
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    Thanks for your advice Mother Bear. Thanks to your prompt about import duties, I'm now reading up information about it. I considered GST but never thought about import duties.

    BTW, I already have my residency.

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