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Thread: Debating on moving to NZ

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    Default Debating on moving to NZ

    I live in the US and I am planning on going to Auckland to visit and stay with a friend, and from what i hear it is an amazing place to live. My question is, if i like it and want to get a place and live there and work, what would i need to do to make that happen??

    Thanks in advance!

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    Hi Nick, welcome.

    Moving long term to NZ is not that easy. If you haven't got immediate family there who can sponsor you, you really need to have a job skill that the country needs badly enough to grant you permanent residency. Rather than swamp you with information this early on, perhaps you could take a look at the Immigration NZ website under Apply. If you only want to stay in NZ for a limited time, you could look at a Working Holiday Visa if you are 30 or under where you could do casual work and stay for up to a year or, if you can get a skilled job offer, you could apply for a temporary work visa. You will find details of these visa types in the link above. When you've had a read through the INZ website, you can always come back here to ask for more information.
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