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Thread: Planning to Move NZ by the mid of Jan 2011

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    Post Planning to Move NZ by the mid of Jan 2011

    Hi All,

    I am from Pakistan. My case has been approved and I will get WTR visa stamped in Nov 2010. I am planning to move by the Mid of Jan 2011 as most of the businesses will open at that time (after Xmas holidays). Bytheway I am an ICT Professional with Project Management experience along with Web Development and Designing experience. I am planning to Move to Wellington.

    I am bit curios and confused and need some expert advise regarding my move:

    1. Is it fine to move by the Mid of Jan 2011 to be able to find serious IT Jobs related to my field in Jan 2011.

    2. Is Auckland better than Wellington in terms of IT Jobs

    3. I am recently married, my wife's data was not included in my application but I informed my case officer about my marriage before they approved my case. My question is Initially I will be moving alone. After arriving in NZ, how soon I can get a Visa for my wife?

    Waiting for your responses.

    Thanks in advance.

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    As you say, it is better to go to NZ to look for jobs after the Christmas/New Year period. No one could guarantee that you will find a job then, but it would be much better to find something when everyone has returned from their holiday.

    I wouldn't like to say if one city is better than another for finding IT jobs but, certainly, looking in the bigger cities gives you a good chance of finding something than if you looked in the smaller centres.

    I would think you can apply for your wife's visa once you have your own visa in place. It would be difficult to say how long this would take as it depends how busy the branch is that you are dealing with. Perhaps someone who has already completed this process can tell you how long it took for them.
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    Thanks Motherbear,

    So, I believe traveling around Jan 15, 2010, would be suitable. Right?
    How long do the xmas/new year holidays last?

    Thanks again.

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    Default The summer holidays

    New Zealand school summer holidays usually start in mid December (for high school) or late December (for primary school) and end in late January-early February. There are more details on dates here.

    Many parents use their annual leave to take as much of this time off work as possible, to spend summer holidays with the children, so some workplaces are not back in full action again until the end of January, but most are back in action to some degree by mid January.

    University courses usually start in late February and end by mid November.

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    Have a look on SEEK - New Zealand's no. 1 jobs, employment, career and recruitment site and subscribe to job alerts, or just browse the site to see what's available in each city. I'd guess most jobs get advertised there if they don't get filled before that stage.

    There are more jobs in Auckland, but there are a lot of Business Analyst, Java Programming and Project Management roles being advertised in Wellington just now, depending on your experience. Wellington has a lot of start up activity going on if you have the right skills and desires.

    I'm not subscribed for Auckland just now so can't comment too much on that.

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