... and I'm very happy to answer any questions about living in Wellington. I moved to NZ three years ago, and I love Wellington, I really don't want to live anywhere else.

However I've received a too-good-to-refuse job offer in Auckland and my partner wants to go to flight school, so I'm suddenly in need of someone or some people to take over my lease, and I thought the best place to offer it would be here because it's such a lovely place to live, it's fully furnished, and it's so accessible to the city. It took me three years of making mistakes renting to finally find somewhere I really appreciate and enjoy living.

It's $430 per week for a two bedroom apartment - this is on the high end of middle-range for rentals, but most rentals in NZ are complete dives and this apartment is exceptionally well put-together and NICE, so once you look at a few places you'll really come to appreciate that this place is an incredible deal. For perspective, we'd previously been renting what was considered a relatively modern a 3 bedroom house in newtown for $350 and it was horrible. We looked at over thirty houses and when we finally found this place we were so overjoyed we signed the lease on the spot, and I consider that, Auckland aside, one of the best decisions I've ever made. Also, it's technically in "hataitai" but we're so close to town that this should really be compared to town properties, where you'll be paying twice as much for something like this.

This apartment is new, slick, fully furnished with giant cozy sofas and a pretty big flat screen TV, a queen size bed... kitchen table, fridge, washer...it has all of the appliances and fixtures down to a pair of scissors, so you could move in with just your clothes. But it also has little details that are almost impossible to find renting: a decent sized brand new bath tub, a new shower with great water pressure, one of those sinks that looks like a bowl... a parking space... a grassy lawn with a private hedge... shoe racks in the closet and a sliding closet door thats a huge full length mirror... a small shed and a personal parking space, your own clothesline...extremely tasteful (Id go so far as to say cool, but in a modern way) decor...it has a built in HEATER and its also extremely sunny and bright all day - Hataitai is known for being sunny and beautiful but also right next to Wellington's CBD - town is a 6 minute drive, a 20 minute walk, or a 5 minute bus ride away.

And hataitai itself offers wonderful bars and restaurants. There's a great Japanese bento place, Thai, Hells Pizza, Burger Winsconsin, some pubs, what is supposedly the best fish and chips shop in Wellington, and two cafes one of which is truly excellent and cheap enough to eat there every day and not feel guilty, a rarity in New Zealand.

In short, I am so in love with my house, and I want to make someone else happy. :) I will also be listing it on Trademe and Gumtree over the next few days but if anyone from here wants it I'd jump through hoops to make things easier for you as I remember how hard it was when I was finding a place. If you're interested please email me asap, or text me at 021 841 918 (NZ).