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Thread: CBD Auckland - recommendations

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    Default CBD Auckland - recommendations

    I will be flying to AKL on a very short term notification. I will be working there in CBD, however, have no clue about the location AKL. Any recommendations on good short- and/ or long-term rentals. TradeMe became already my best friend, but somehow I just see agencies offering the same apartment most of the time. Many times the apartments offered look like they are in hotels or apartment hotels anyway.
    Budget is 300 pw (studio is fine).
    Looking forward to some recommendation or tips. Flatmate option is at the moment no option (sorry, but I like having my own 4 walls)

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    Default Rentals


    Have you looked at the NZ Real Estate website, there are lots of property's on there and you might want to consider an apartment in a hotel where they supply electric, water, sky tv, furniture, bedding some with swimming pool or gym use and all you need is your clothes. Some good propertys in AKL for $370 a week, and it would cost more than that by the time you add all the costs up.

    Good luck

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    I posted this Auckland suburb guide recently and it might give you some idea of the better places to aim for as there can be some not-so-desirable areas in Auckland, as with any big city. You can check up on areas which would be convenient to the CBD here on this zoomable map. I think the CBD may be in the area where the word Auckland appears although it doesn't specify it on this map.
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    Thanks for the replies, but does anybody have any specific recommendations, eg. Hotel XYZ for 370 NZ$ pw? But I will keep a close look on TradeMe as well

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