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Thread: Auckland: where to live?

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    Default Auckland: where to live?

    Hi, I've been looking through previous posts but have been unable to find a thread similar to mine.
    My question is this: my mother and I have just recently been granted a PR for New Zealand and are looking to settle in Auckland. My step-father will be joining us in the next 4 to 5 months, but we need somewhere to live in the meantime where it would be relatively safe for my mother and I to be living alone. We would prefer a suburb where flats are cheap to moderately priced (I know it's a bit of a reach) and also one where there are decent schools. I've been suggested suburbs like Mt. Albert and Mt. Eden. Any help? Thank you in advance. :)

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    Welcome, Devanshi!

    I don't know if this suburb guide for Auckland will be of any help. I think, maybe, choosing somewhere away from the city centre would be a good idea because the rowdy elements seem to congregate there. There are some less desirable areas to avoid like Manukau and Mangere and you will see these and others listed as 'bottom' in the ratings.

    Have a look at the bottom of this page where it brings up similar previous posts about living in Auckland.
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