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Thread: Where to live?

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    Well papers are being mailed on Wednesday Estate agents are in this week its all systems go in th UK but where are we going to???
    We have always assumed that somewhere clos to Auckland around Bay of Plenty would be where we are heading as my husband is in IT. But now we have just been told that Christchurch has IT oppotunities as well.
    Well thats put a spanner in the works as we are stumped now, done a little reseach and Christchurch does look a nice place but has anyone got any opinions as to which in their opinion would be better???
    I know its each to their own but it would be nice to get somones point of view who actually lives out there.
    many thanks for all the help so far.
    Feel like I am buzzing at the moment with the thought and we have got such a long way to go yet!!!

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    I'm sure Auckland and Wellington will also have a fair number of opportunities for IT bods because they are big cities so don't think you are restricted to Christchurch alone. In the end, you will go where the job is if your hubby manages to get one before you go to NZ. Has he started looking on the job agents' websites yet? That would give a clue to where the most IT jobs are. There's a list of agents here to give him a start.
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    Yes, there are IT jobs in Christchurch, just not the same number as there are to be found in Auckland or Wellington.

    Also some in Bay of Plenty, and Hamilton ... and perhaps Palmerston North?

    We headed for Christchurch as that was the city that appealed the most to us, and thankfully found an IT job shortly after arrival so it can be done.

    Depends a lot on what sort of area you want to live in ... some find Auckland appealing, but for us, we really didn't fancy it at all. Each to their own!

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