NZ's best-value house suburbs
Page 1 of 2 ..... 4:00AM Sunday Sep 20, 2009
By Alice Neville and Rachel Grunwell

If you had $450,000 to spend on a house, where would you buy? The answer will vary wildly depending on where you work, where you grew up, where your friends are and your lifestyle.

So while there is no definitive answer to the question of what suburb is the best value for money for the home buyer in Auckland - and in other parts of New Zealand - it's clear that price is not the only factor. So we've taken the most recent median sale price for Auckland - $450,000 - and asked experts where to buy now.

St George Bank economists recently researched suburbs across Australia to determine which ones were likely to provide the strongest value. The study was based on criteria such as renovation potential and proximity to central business districts, transport and retail outlets, as well as strong pricing.

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