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Thread: Building a new home

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    Default Building a new home

    Anyone got any idea how much to put ontop of the catelogue price of a new home kit?

    I see some very good kits going for upto $132, but there are always other costs to add to that, its never going to be the final project cost now is it!!

    Would those who have done it reckon double the actual purchase price? or even triple it [hope not but it is where i come from!]


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    Quote Originally Posted by Ginith9 View Post
    I see some very good kits going for upto $132, but there are always other costs to add to that, its never going to be the final project cost now is it!!
    Are you saying the kits you refer to contain all the makings to build a new home? That sounds a bit too good to be true unless it's a typo and it should be $132.000.
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    It is hard to get figures for the actual cost of constructing a kit house without getting a price from the company. If the house you are looking at is comparable with a standard small New Zealand house, as used by the Dept of Stats & Dept of Building & Housing for their figures, it is possible to (very roughly!) estimate the other costs.
    (See: Estimated building costs - Department of Building and Housing Identification and analysis of building consent, inspection and a - Department of Building and Housing )

    The small house is 145m2, and is estimated to cost $252 735($1743/m2) when built in Auckland. This is for a "speculative" building quality. "Group" houses are maybe 20% cheaper, and this is the class that a kit house would be. Less 20% brings the cost down to ~$200 000.

    They give a rate of about 14% of the construction cost as labour costs, and 20% as the Project Management/overhead costs which are the main costs saved when building yourself from a kit, (if it is complete with all fittings and you disregard labour for things requiring qualified trades such as plumbers and electricians!). The example small house less 34% comes to ~$130 000.

    A cross check on this: the Dept comes up with roughly 60% of the overall cost is materials, (which is presumably what you get in the kit). So if the house ends up costing that figure of
    $202 188, a complete kit would be ~$120 000.

    All very rough and ready, but interesting. So, is the kit complete? Is everything about the house and site average (for a cheap house)? No special soil/foundations/slopes/Resource Consent/...etc etc to bring the price up?

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