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Thread: Palmerston North best/worst areas???

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    Question Palmerston North best/worst areas???


    My husband and I are emigrating to Palmy mid Sept and are getting a little panicky about finding somewhere to live. Would appreciate anyu advice anyone could give us about which areas to avoid, I will be working at the hospital so would like somewhere close by. Look forward to hearing from all your feedback

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    Hi Lorna, sorry, no personal knowledge but here's some reading .

    An old thread about Palmy
    Residential Report
    Palmy North Hospital area
    Locality Guide

    From what I've read on the Net, avoid Highbury. Hokowhitu is considered one of the best neighborhoods, and Summerhill and Riverdale are also quite nice. Riverdale is not as pricey as Hokowhitu or Summerhill and has river walks and several large parks that make the area quite attractive. There are a number of new developments in the northeast part of town, around Kelvin Grove. In addition to the new developments, a lot of younger families choose to live in Kelvin Grove or Cloverlea (northwest side of town). I liked both areas, but probably liked Cloverlea a little better. If you do not mind a short drive, Feilding and Ashurst are options. You could look on our NZ Website List under Real Estate to check out properties. Some of the links may be defunct as they were put on some time ago but, if you find any broken ones, let me know and I'll try to search out the new links.
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