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Thread: Auckland - where a young professional should live

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    Cool Auckland - where a young professional should live

    Hello Forum

    My name is Mark and I am looking to move to NZ in mid 2010. I anticipate that my job search will lead me to the auckland, and I am wondering whereabouts within this wonderful city I should consider moving to. Im looking for an area that can tick most of, or all of the following:

    - Somewhere suitable for a young professional, so lots of nice apartments at reasonable rents.

    - Quite and few bars and restaurants, somewhere that is quite cosmopolitan and trendy, and nice shops too.

    - Somewhere not a million miles from a decent golf course

    - Away from the city, but not too far away for commuting

    Also, can someone tell me what rent I can expect to pay per calendar month for a furnished one bedroom apartment in auckland.

    Thanks for any help or advice you can offer


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    Hi Mark and welcome.

    To give you some idea of rental prices and the sort of thing that is available take a look on here under Real Estate and go for the To Rent option, then select the area you want. I hope most of the links are still active because companies do have a tendency to update their websites and the link is broken. If there are any broken ones, just let me know and I'll chase down the new link.

    This is a lightweight guide to Auckland suburbs. Let's hope some of our Auckland members can provide some personal input. You could look on AA Smart Maps, find Auckland and double click on it until it zooms in close enough for your purposes. There is a small menu on the lefthand side where you can select facilities you may want to look closer at e.g. golf clubs. Wises is another similar dragable map with the toolbar across the top. Zoomin maps are good if you have the address of a property you want to check out. Type the address or as near as you have it in the search bar and it will take you there. Not much detail on there but it shows you where it is and the green areas nearby.
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    The CBD (Central Business District), Ponsonby, Parnell, and Newmarket are all close in, full of apartments, and full of young professionals. You can check on for going rental prices.

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    I agree with Ponsonby, Parnell & Newmarket. They are all great for bars & rental apartments. Ponsonby, K'Road & Newmarket are better for shopping though. Very trendy areas. Rentals are a little more expensive but then you don't need to travel far to the centre of the city. There are also some apartments down by Viaduct Harbour - plenty of nightlife down there too!

    I'd move there but other half won't hear of it

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