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Thread: Rates,,Council Tax

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    Default Rates,,Council Tax

    I have been looking but so far I didn't find too much on the forums except someone mentioning paying $250 a month plus, so can someone explain because that seems even more exspensive than the UK?

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    I think different councils had different systems but basicaly you pay rates on the value of the house. Some dont charge for water...other do. dictate the cost. Cost is not on amount of people in the house.

    Some places give you rubbish bins other you buy special bags at the supermarket.

    Go to the councils webs sites of the locations you think you might live...they are usualy very good and full of stuff

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    I have been through half a dozen sites and they want certain numbers from a rates bill before they will tell you the rates which it will more than likely tell you on the bill in the first place

    Must be some people on here who actually live there and can say what theirs is?

    Found Christcurch's site to be far more user friendly than the others I tried, seems like it is a little less than in the UK to possibly a bit more at the top end, really don't see why it should be so high if wages are so much less?
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    To give you an idea, we live in Waimakariri district (north of Chch city).

    $450 a quarter for rates, and that includes our water.

    We then have to pay for rubbish bags on top of that ... which pays for the rubbish collection. About $7 for 5, and we only use 1 per week,
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    We're in Selwyn District and pay $1880 a year in rates ($470 a quarter). That includes our rates, water and sewerage charges, a 90L refuse bin and 240L green waste bin (both emptied weekly). At the current exchange rate, that's less than than 760 a year.

    We paid 1400 in Council Tax plus water rates of about 450 a year when we lived in the UK. Our bins were emptied every two weeks and we had a septic tank, so had to pay top have that emptied once a year at least.

    Remember that in NZ, the landlord pays the rates if you rent a house, not the tenant.

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    Thanks for the replies and the answer to a question I didn't ask is also very useful as I had heard rents were high, but as they are covering some of the costs they don't seem so bad.

    I also found in my searches that quite a few places had their rates reduced this year, something unheard of over here.

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