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Thread: Price of Just LAND in Northland

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    Default Price of Just LAND in Northland

    I am wondering how much 10 - 100 acres of just land would cost.
    I don't want any house or property there.

    I am looking for maybe north of Auckland, or in the Gisborne to Roturua area.

    I want a generally warm climate.

    I can't find any prices for just land on any sites.
    They are always real estate with a 3 bedroom house for 350,000 or something.

    Thanks in Advance.

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    Not sure if these are either something like you're looking for or in the right areas, but have a look at this 37 HECTARES OF WATERFRONT LAND - - New Zealand and this Your Canvas Awaits - Must Sell - - New Zealand

    Unfortunately both of those examples are to be auctioned so don't state a price, but if you have a scout around the Trade Me property section that these came from, you may be able to find some guide prices.

    You'll probably find that prices vary hugely between areas - I would imagine anywhere in or near Auckland will be more expensive.

    Sorry couldn't be more help.

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    When you're looking for just land, look for 'section' which is what a plot of land is referred to in NZ although the size of what you're looking for is somewhat bigger than a normal section would be. Sounds like you could be looking more for farm land, but without the farm.

    On the property agents' websites, there's usually a place or drop down menu where you can select which type of property you wish to buy. If you select 'section' it should bring up land-only sales for you. Look on here for a start as Welshgirl has mentioned Trademe. These are for Gisborne and these are for Rotorua . I haven't been through these so they may be a bit on the small side, but have a look anyway. Wrightson often deal with larger areas and farmland.

    There's a list of property agents on our NZ Website List as a sticky at the top of the Making the Move category under Real Estate. Some agents only operate in certain areas so you'd need to hunt around for those that deal with the regions you're interested in.
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    Default Sections in NZ


    If you would like to contact me I can email you some information and prices.

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