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Thread: Christchurch and Wellington cities

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    Default Christchurch and Wellington cities

    Christchurch NZ's safest city
    Last updated 06:50 06/04/2009

    Christchurch is New Zealand's safest large city, despite public opinion.

    Police Christchurch Central Area Controller Inspector Derek Erasmus said Christchurch had recorded 100 violent offences per 10,000 population lower than Wellington, Auckland, South Auckland, Hamilton and Dunedin making it the country's safest large city.

    However, the 2008 Quality of Life survey released today, which compared 12 New Zealand cities, found Christchurch had the lowest number of residents who felt safe in the city centre after dark.

    "Many perceptions about safety in Christchurch are not based on fact," Mr Erasmus said.

    Incidents of serious violence were highlighted by local media, yet there were fewer than in other major centres.

    The media had a big influence on people's perception of their safety, Mr Erasmus said.

    "This is very disappointing given that reality does not support these fears."

    Police had been working closely with the Christchurch City Council and other agencies to alleviate public concerns, he said.

    They had introduced Safer City officers in the central city at night to increase the perception of enforcement, and to be an extension of police in areas that people congregated.

    The council had also funded 25 new crime cameras to target city `hotspots', which were being installed, Mr Erasmus said.

    "The best location for cameras is constantly assessed and they are relocated to suit demand and social movement in city.

    "The cameras' prime focus for police is public safety as a deterrent, and locating offenders," he said.

    - NZPA

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    Wellington 'The best little capital in the world'
    DAVE BURGESS - The Dominion Post
    Last updated 05:00 06/04/2009

    New research confirms what many Wellingtonians already know - they have the best quality of life in the country.

    The Quality of Life survey, made public today, asked residents in 12 cities to rank their lives in areas including health, crime and safety, and public transport.

    Just under 95 per cent of Wellingtonians ranked theirs as either extremely good or good, making Wellington the No1 city.

    Stephane Popinet and Vanessa Sherlock, of Strathmore, who were playing with their son Manu, 2, yesterday at Princess Bay, agreed with the ranking.

    "Wellington is a proper city it is not a big city but it is really close to nice, wild places like the south coast. It is that mixture that we like," Mr Popinet said.

    The couple said they would not consider living anywhere else.

    Wellington Mayor Kerry Prendergast said the survey results were "fantastic news".

    "This confirms what Wellingtonians already know we live in the best little capital in the world."

    The news was not so hot for Porirua (ranked 8th), and Lower Hutt (10th). Bottom was Manukau, with less than 90 per cent of residents happy with their lot.

    National crime statistics issued a week ago showed the Wellington district had the biggest jump in crime in population terms up 8.3 per cent.

    But the survey reports Wellingtonians believe it is generally a safe place to live. The city topped the list for people feeling safe after nightfall while in their homes, visiting the city centre, and walking in their neighbourhood.

    Residents were also less likely to rate vandalism as a problem than other cities in the survey.

    Wellington was second behind Dunedin for residents feeling safe in their homes, and in the city centre, during the day.

    It also came second, behind Rodney, in rating the state of their health as excellent or very good. Hutt City came second bottom on the health rating.

    But it was a clean sweep for the region when it came to using public transport. More people in Wellington, Hutt City and Porirua used buses or trains at least twice a week than reported in other cities.

    The survey is run every two years by the Social Development Ministry and councils.

    The percentage of residents who think they've got the best quality of life.

    Wellington 94.9%

    Dunedin 94.2%

    Christchurch 93.1%

    Rodney - 92.8%

    North Shore 92.3%

    Auckland 91.7%

    Waitakere 91.2%

    Porirua 91.1%

    Tauranga 91%

    Hutt 90.9%

    Hamilton 90.2%

    Manukau 89.4%

    Rest of NZ average 92.3%

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