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Thread: Moving to Whangarei, where to live please?

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    Talking Moving to Whangarei, where to live please?

    Hi.I am moving to Whangarei in a few months, does anyone have any tips on where to stay. I expect my own furniture will be a few weeks behind me. I read that it's not entirely safe to rent sight unseen, but does anyone have any suggestions on where I can stay for hopefully about 3 weeks while I figure things out. I plan on being there in May.

    Some of the suggestions re: holiday places sound good, but does anyone have any recommendations/ alternatives?

    Thanks for reading, and for any helpful hints.

    Connie x

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    We only visit Whangarei about half a dozen times a year, so I won't be much help. If you are want somewhere initially for just 3 weeks, I would suggest staying in a motel and then look around for that rental property or holiday home. In May there should be no problem in getting accommodation.

    Whangarei is classed as a small city but is more like a UK town. It is one of those places where you really should look at a property before signing up - if you look on TradeMe's property section you will see there are some rough-looking as well as OK-looking places. The coastal areas are nice but you will probably only get a small house rather than apartment there.
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    Thanks very much. I wonder if you , or anyone else who happens upon this thread, would know of a reasonable hotel/motel/ holiday home I could use while I find somewhere more permanent.

    Thanks very much.


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    Wonder if youve moved yet?

    Anyways.....Kamo, Regent, Riverside, Onerahi & Maunu are all good areas

    Avoid like the plague the following area's: Otangarei (referred to as OT) & Raumanga. Dodgy Morningside is also oh yes & Otaika!! Eish man its like gangsta's paradise!

    Now...Kamo & Maunu are a bit outta 3 - 5 km's but safe lovely area's for kiddies. I personally dont like Maunu but alot of foreigners live there.

    Kamo to me is better. Has a great Primary & High School, petrol station, dairy, lots of little shops etc. (hafta travel to town for supermarket though).

    Riverside & Regent are really central, can walk into town. Stunning areas & if U can find a house (like hens teeth), def. worth & look! (Riverside also up against a slope so have nice views of Whangarei & the yacht area).

    Onerahi a bit outta town, further than Kamo & Maunu but absolutely stunning!! Its on the laggoon / inlet so U have stunning views with some houses. Great little area.

    Kamo & Maunu are totally land-locked, in a matter of speaking, heading inland. Maunu is towards Auckland way & Kamo is on the SH1 towards the North.

    This also depends on your budget of course!

    Just go check out trademe property for rentals there & see what they have to offer & u can get a general feel

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    If you look on Trademe, also check out "flatmates wanted" as you might find someone who will let you move in short term. Might be a solution if you need a place already furnished while you look around (in person). My partner and I are planning a move to Whangarei in the next few weeks, so are looking around. Presently staying on our boat in Opua. (very foggy today, but we did sail a little bit yesterday!)
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