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Thread: Where to stay in Christchurch..

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    Default Where to stay in Christchurch..

    Hi All,

    My first post here and super excited to get to NZ.

    Please assist on which suburbs are desireable and if possible family oriented.

    Thanks in advance..


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    Hi Jeremy and family! Welcome to MTNZ.

    We have several members who are thriving down in Christchurch so let's hope they can come up with some useful info for you. They should all be sleeping peacefully in their beds at the moment but will be around soon enough.

    How far along the immigration process are you?
    Mother Bear

    Try to bloom wherever you are planted.

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    Hi Mother Bear,

    Thank you for the warm welcome. I will be arriving on 12 March 09 in Auckland.

    I will be looking for work in either Auckland or Christchurch. Once employment is secured my wife and daughter will join me.

    We are very excited to start our new lives in NZ.

    Kine regards

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    Hi Jeremy,

    There are loads of suburbs in Christchurch that are great, for many different reasons.

    How old is your daughter?
    Do you want to live in Chch, or more rural location?
    How do you feel about commuting?
    Will your wife have transport, or want to use public transport?
    You'll also need to consider schools ... there are some great schools in and around Christchurch, and some that aren't so great ... Housing in catchment areas of the better schools are more expensive.

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    Hi Lou,

    Now those are some good questions, let me start..

    1) My dughter turned 3 in November
    2) We would prefer to live in Christchurch or slightly rural ;-)
    3) I dont mind commuting but no more than say 45 mins
    4) My wife will have a car so transport wont be a problem
    5) Schools are very important to us so the right school / right address will be important

    We know Auckland pretty well which we like but not a whole lot about the ins and outs of Christchurch which we also like...

    All input is greatly appreciated.


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    Hi Jeremy, can't help you on Chch itself but I live rurally (Oxford - 45 minutes out of Chch) and commute daily. As we are rural the school - Oxford Area School caters for years 1-13 (all school ages). My son is currently in year 10 and there are a total of 33 pupils in the whole year!!! He is thoroughly enjoying it. They encourage team work and developing each childs individual ability. Oxford itself, although a small village has all amenities - coffe shop, supermarket, post shop, chemist, takeaway, petrol station, police station, swimming pool, town hall, fire station plus fantastic views. Hope this helps.
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