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    Default Auckland Suburbs

    Hi all,

    Not sure if this has been done before - if so ignore me. But we are heading to Auckland (due to employment) but would still like the countryside and village feel synonymous with NZ and also want to live in a safe area. However, we would like the commute to work to be less than 30 mins (not asking for much ).

    Does anyone have any views on which suburbs would suit... I have been advised the following: Ponsonby, Parnell, Rumera, Mt Eden (spelling may be off).

    I think it may benefit the other people aswell as us to create a suburb guide... so any imput or suggestions would be gratefully received. Thanks.

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    Default Suburbs

    My wife and I just returned from Auckland this weekend. Personally, I feel that these suburbs are closer to CBD than we would desire. Mt. Eden was a mixture of middle to upper middle income houses, but way too much traffic and proximity to CBD; Less that 10 minutes. If being that near is your desire, I would recommend either Mission Bay or St. Heliers. After seeing the crowded streets of Auckland, we found that we would prefer something a little further away. I would recommend the Rodney District, just to the north of Auckland. The Hibiscus Coast looks much more to our liking and is still only about 30 minutes from CBD.

    Good luck on your search.


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    Hi there!!

    I have to agree with Brad, I have lived in St Johns, St Heliers and now Mission Bay and they are excellent areas! Very safe, lots of parks, close to the beach and city. But they are definately more city feely, if you want to live a bit out of auckland, up north is definately nicer and safer!

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    How is life on the North Shore? Are there restaurants, shops, places of work like the south of Auckland, or is it more of a residential district?
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    Auckland north of the harbour bridge is not like the city with its high rise office buildings, tourist attractions, etc. and probably better paid jobs, but there are miles and miles of houses, shopping centres, retail parks and industrial estates. A mini-city of its own along with south Auckland (Manukau City) and west Auckland (Waitakere City).
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