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Thread: Wellington or Hamilton ?

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    Question Wellington or Hamilton ?

    Hi Folks
    I need to make a choice jobwise between Wellington and Hamilton.
    Bear in mind that we have two teenage children.
    Taking everything into consideration, which City would you go for
    4/2/08 NZQA

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    Both are good cities as far as teens go, plenty to do in either! Ham is good due to it's central location, so if you get bored in Ham itself you've got the big city of Auckland close by, the beautiful beaches of Tauranga or the awesome teen attraction of the surfing beaches in Raglan. Wellington has plenty to do within itself, but not having been there I'll leave it to one of our resident Wellingtonians to fill you in

    For the grown ups, there's the more important aspects of cost of living! Hamilton is certainly the cheaper of the two cities, and suffers less from traffic, but from what I've heard Welly offers a great social aspect - again, i'll leave that to the locals to explain!

    The greatest mistake you can make in life is to be continually fearing you will make one.

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    Taffy, well sated.

    On your signature i learned long ago "The only people who make no mistakes are people who do nothing."


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    Arrived NZ in 1997 from Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

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    Default which one

    We didn't have much choice due to our professions so Wellington it had to be
    Are your teenagers still going to be at school( college).I researched the colleges and decided for Kapiti Coast. I know this meant commuting for our jobs but our teenage daughter then had choice of what the coast and Wellington offers.
    The public transport and trains are very safe for your teenagers to travel and until you arrive it's a little difficult to understand after living in th UK.
    Despite all the problems we had at the end when our teenager changed her mind about moving to NZ, I think she would honestly not look back to UK.
    After ten weeks she is member of the gym, just secured a weekend job in a beach cafe and spends what spare time she has with the teens here where they like to travel to Wellington to a cafe, watch a DVD in their pjs or go to the ever popular parties where fancy dress are part of the fun.
    So wherever you choose they will soon embrace the safer teenage culture
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    Whwn we arrived in NZ we didn't really know where we'd end up. Wellington was a strong contender because of it's strength in the performing arts (my trade and oldest daughters preferred degree qual) and we had never even considered Hamilton. We'd never been to NZ before so knewnothing about either.

    We stopped off in Hamilton first on our island tour before heading to Wellington and liked the feel of the place - friendly. We loved Wellington, the city has a great laid back feel but contemporary at the same time. It does not feel like a capital city. Our closest big city in UK was Nottingham and Wellington didn't even compare with that in size, population or busy-ness (is that a word?) But we really liked it. It couldn't quite offer us what we needed though in terms of property, lifestyle (we like the country) and weather and we felt drawn back to Hamilton.

    I have a teenage daughter, she's 17 and my son is 12, nearly 13. They've both settled well in Hamilton. It's a big enough city to have lots of stuff happening, skate parks, shopping, cinemas, 4 theatres, live music venues, loads of free cultural stuff funded by the council (I bet Welli has loads of that too - everywhere seems to). Waikato University is also based here and it's one of the best in the country. I think the standard of education is good across NZ so I don't think you have anything to worry about wherever you end up. Simlar to Cch, Ham has the Waikato river running right through the middle of it, so loads of opportunity to get out on the water as well but Welli is on the coast so ditto.

    I was just about to comment that Ham is very central and a great place to get anywhere from but Welli is handy for getting over to the SI and everyone says that that's where the true beauty of NZ is.

    As I always say, nothing's forever eh? Wherever you choose, it's just the beginning of your new life and you can and will change your mind as you go along I don't think you can make a wrong decision.

    Happy discovering
    Passionate about the unfathomableness opportunities of kiwi-a-gogo-land

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    Smile Wellington/Hamilton

    Thanks everybody for your super posts, just the kind of info I was looking for.

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