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Thread: Where it live in Auckland

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    Default Where it live in Auckland

    Planning on moving to Auckland. Where is good to live ? that isnt the north shore, hear getting from north shore to CBD is a headache. I have looked at a few places on trade me in Mt Albert and Avondale what these areas like?
    I have a young family and have a rental budget of $550w and my husband wants to train in to CBD no longer than 40mins one way.

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    Avondale is a great multicultural suburb, I like it, both it and Mt Albert are still coming into themselves.

    For what its worth, it may be worth checking out a few central suburbs like:

    South - Elleslie, Meadowbank, Remuera (the main bit is upmarket, but a lot of neighboring areas call themselves Remuera even though they can also be St Johns, Mt Wellington etc etc.)

    West - Point Chev is worth a look. Grey Lynn may be too expensive for what you need. Also, Te Atatu Peninsula is OK, the posher bit is east of Beach Rd (Waimanu Bay).

    As for the shore, don't discount it. The Northern Busway is open and running well and has made the commute a lot easier. Do NOT rely on trains in Auckland. They don't work! I rely on public transport in the city and I only ever use the buses.

    Hope this is of use.

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    Hello! I live in Waterview, which is just between Point Chev and Avondale. We rent a 3 bedroom house, right by a beautiful reserve and river, for $550 a week.
    You can get some good deals around the Waterview is easy to get to the CBD from here as is right near the motorway, and it is really quiet with lots of nice walks. It is also near New Lynn Mall for shopping and the city also.
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    We live in St Heliers which is really close to the CBD (10mins by car or bus)and right on the coast. It's upmarket and very very safe. Lots of families live around here..
    I ve also lived in St Johns which is pretty much the same, just not as close to the beach
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