Auckland fifth best city, Wellington 13th - survey (+photos)
6:00AM Wednesday June 11, 2008
By Eloise Gibson

They're the very things we love to complain about, but public transport, a top-notch health service and attractive rental accommodation make New Zealand's cities among the best places in the world to live.

The Mercer 2008 Quality of Living survey ranked Auckland fifth and Wellington 13th in a list of 215 cities worldwide.

As in 2007, Swiss and German cities took most of the top 10 spots, while Baghdad ranked as the worst place in the world to live.

The study by global consulting firm Mercer checked each city against a list of criteria including personal safety, schools and education, and climate. Factors like political stability and personal freedom were also taken into account. Each city was given a score compared to New York, the benchmark city, with a base score of 100. Auckland had the best quality of living of any city in the Asia Pacific region, followed by Sydney and Wellington.

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