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Thread: Christchurch - a point of view

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    Default Christchurch - a point of view

    I'll post the link for this as it's a bit long to copy and paste on here. The article won't last too long as Stuff don't archive.
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    Default not in my book!

    Sorry, but I am not a fan of Christchurch after several visits I havent changed my mind...#Alas its my own opinion though so ..who cares ha ha

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    Thanks for that motherbear
    we felt the same way,when we first decided on NZ
    It was Wellington,Palmy North,Dunedin probably just about everywhere except Chch
    Dont know why it didnt appeal
    Then Hubby takes an unexpected nosy on the computer one night and says he had looked at houses and of course the rugby stadium,and that Chch looks alright.
    I delved deeper,looked up Kiwis who lived there,on myspace,and then realised its the place for us.
    We found the people really friendly and must admit found it abslolutly breathtaking when we steppd out from the airport.
    Fell in love with it there and then.
    Its definetly the place for us
    And we are always discovering new things in it

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    Default Undecided!

    Hey guys

    Well this is a really good subject!

    At first i really liked the look of Christchurch, it looked like the best place to bring up a family, however due to me reading recent posts and documents relating to this city.

    I have in fact kinda been put off Christchurch due to the following;

    1. Lack of IT jobs (hubby needs a job in IT)
    2. Smog in the city
    3. Above the average amount of Boy/Girl Racers
    4. The winter temperatures with no Central Heating! Freeezzzziiinnngggg
    5. Possibility of a higher crime rate and drug problems

    NOW Dont get me wrong, i have only read this and not experienced this for myself, so i cannot guarentee that these are all accurate.

    Also i live in Glasgow lol Which is probably a whole lot worse than Christchurch... So maybe i would think it was brill, but not sure!

    Of course tho, if a job does come up there, then I guess u gotta go where the work is..

    Anyway, if the above points are incorrect... please let me know

    Caz xxx
    Life is a Game - Great when you're winning - Crap when you're losing!

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