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Thread: Glenfield and surrounding areas?

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    Default Glenfield and surrounding areas?

    Hi again

    Now got only 7 weeks until we leave (again) and with the job offer and contract safely in the bag I'll be looking for somewhere to live close to Glenfield as that's where the hospital is - but not too close! and not too expensive either.

    Does anyone live around there or have any knowledge of the area. Don't mind 20 minute drive - and it will always be off peak travelling, but also commutable to CBD for OH. Would prefer to be near the coast - and am willing to drive a bit further for that.

    Any advice welcome as don't know the North Shore very well, although have travelled around it a bit last year - and have experienced the bridge.

    Many thanks

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    Hi Rho

    It really is going to depend on how much you want to spend. If you're wanting the coast, the closest coastal suburbs are only 5 to 10 mins drive from Glenfield - Mairangi Bay, Castor Bay, Milford, Takapuna but these are reasoanbly expensive. The further up the East Coast Bays you go, the further away from the city, therefore gets a little cheaper - Browns Bay, Torbay, etc. Then, there's also inner harbour coastal, such as Birkenhead, Island Bay, Chatswood. As far non-coastal suburbs, Hillcrest, Forrst Hill and Albany are all good. Whangaparaoa Peninsula is also nice and cheaper than closer in to the city, but is quite a hike to get to the city (50 mins non-peak).

    Good luck with the move.


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    Default Glenfield etc

    Thanks for the information - I've booked us into apartments in Torbay for a couple of weeks when we arrive - so hopefully will be ok. Will have a good look around - as Takapuna looks too expensive for what I want to spend.

    Will let you know where we end up in a few weeks time.


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