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Thread: Building Reg's

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    Default Building Reg's

    Does anyone know how easy/ do-able it is to build propertys on land that you own. Also to build a place to work from on land that you own ??


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    That would depend upon the local council. You can't really build you own house now. However you can do it under the supervision of a master builder so that you do it right. You also cannot do plumbing or electrical work yourself unless you are licensed.




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    As Cliff said, it depends on the local council. Within town or city limits sections (building plots) have restrictions on size, quality etc. However, unlike the UK, there are more opportunities to build in semi-rural areas on the outskirts of a town and, as long as you have a big enough site and obtain permission, you can have a house built or moved to the site, dig in a swimming pool, put in as large a garage/workshop/office/sleepout/stable/greenhouse/kids' treehouse etc. as you wish.

    If you are thinking of a speculative investment - like the UK, a lot of the good town or coastal sites are sold quickly and privately/under the counter as they become available. However, there is still plently of land with potential. You may have already checked on real estate websites and noted that there are hundreds of individual sections available.
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