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Thread: Ngaio (suberb of Wellington)

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    Default Ngaio (suberb of Wellington)

    hi, we've been looking at houses to buy in Khandallah, but nothing suitable has come up. We've decided to look in Ngaio, just south of Khandallah, instead.

    Does anyone know or live in Ngaio and if so, what is the suberb like?

    We all like Khandallah as a suberb, but the houses we've seen are all a bit small..

    Thanks for your help!

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    Broadmeadows is another area with bigger houses. Khandallah is very nice but to get a big house requires very big bucks, there are some mansions up there.
    Ngaoi can be damp . We have been down that way looking for houses and I haven't been impressed with anything we have seen.
    What kind of m2 are you looking for? We have been looking around the 200m2 mark, bearing in mind that includes garage.
    Churton Park is another option as is Johnsonville, they are all pretty close.
    Your best bet is to get here, go to an agent and get them to give you a Tikki Tour. Basically you tell them your budget and requirements and they take you to all the houses they have that suit, regardless of area. It is good as you end up in areas you haven't thought of.
    Moving to Khandallah at the end of May and becoming a property tycoon. We are renting our current house out!
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