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Thread: South Taranaki, Hawera, gas works?

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    Default South Taranaki, Hawera, gas works?

    Does anyone live or been to Hawera in South Taranaki, might have a job there on the gas works, wondered what the town, people, area is like, houses seem pretty reasonably priced .....

    Be interested to know things like the average age group of people, if its a young or old peoples town..... - if there is enough to keep you entertained.

    Do you love it or hate it....what do you love and what do you hate..


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    Hi Colina,

    Sorry, no personal experience of this area but thought I'd put on some links to information relating to it in case you want to read up about it.

    This shows the demographics of the area .

    Hawera .

    Taranaki .

    An overview about living and working in Taranaki. It mentions the gas plants.

    Touristy info that will give you some idea about what goes on in the area .

    A dragable map of Hawera .

    If you want to check up on property prices, take a look at some of the agents mentioned on the NZ Website List under Real Estate.
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    Hi Colin

    We moved to New Plymouth in North Taranaki in July which we absolutely love, and love the area, not had too much experience of Hawera so far but have not heard anything negative about it, from what I gather after NP it is the next biggest town in Taranaki and is handy for everywhere else, off course pretty much everywhere in Taranaki is dominated by the mountain which is just beautiful, I dont even see myself tiring of looking at it, I can just gaze at it in awe hehe. House prices are pretty reasonable from what ive seen in the
    taranaki daily news.

    Anyhow sorry i cant help much more than that but at least I havent heard anything bad about it hehe :) We have some friends who live in Stratford which is near Hawera than NP and they love it there.


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