Good news but will it mean higher rents?

Govt may force landlords to insulate homes
Thursday October 11, 05:46 PM

Landlords may be forced to make their rental properties warmer and more energy efficient, the Government signalled today.

Energy Minister David Parker and energy efficiency spokeswoman Jeanette Fitzsimons today released the Government's energy strategy.

The strategy remains little changed since the draft and much of the work on targets and subsidies to help save electricity has already been released.

Ms Fitzsimons said the Government was still working on other policies such as "minimum energy performance standards for existing homes -- especially rentals".

The Government has been offering landlords a subsidy to insulate homes and make them more energy efficient.

"The rate of uptake has not been as high as we hoped. Apparently even 50 percent of the cost is too much for some landlords," Ms Fitzsimons said.

"So we are looking in the longer term reaching a stage, where it might be mandatory if you are putting a home on the market for rental for it to meet certain energy efficiency insulation standards."

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