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Thread: Christchurch challenge for you locals!

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    Smile Christchurch challenge for you locals!

    Have been enjoying the recent banter, BTW belated happy birthday to MB... we are out there now in six weeks so the questions mount up. Does anyone in ChCh have good or bad experiences with rental agencies? I have contacted First Avenue and am waiting, unusual as nearly everyone seems to get back really rapidly, but maybe they are too busy. Likewise a good place to buy a car.... we are hiring for 21 days initially. Who is the best internet and mobile phone provider? Any feedback would be fantastic and appreciated. Had a wobble this week when sent all my stuff, originals of course, to NZQA , using French registered post. The post man called us refusing to process the package ( which had got to Dijon not even Paris) as the address had a box number in it!!!???? Now I know if you need a signature on delivery you use 'courrier" ....we're fast tracking with NZQA so I will let you know if it is worth the extra dollars.

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    We're renting through Simes and they've been okay. I would probably stick with Simes, Harcourts, or one of the other larger real estate companies. Also, you can find lots of houses for rent on Trademe.

    Internet and mobile phone providers are up for debate, here. IMHO, it's probably best to try to get at least your home phone and mobile through the same company, and your internet, too. Vodafone and Telecom both have plans that give you favorable rates between their own landlines and mobiles.

    As for cars, Chch has about a thousand used car lots. I'm not sure which place will give you the best deal, but I bought mine through Turners Auctions, with the help of the fellow who owns AAA Car Rentals. He has good rates on his rentals, too.
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    KH has named a few of the big letting agents, but don't write off the private rentals. A lot of Kiwi landlords manage their own properties because agents charge huge fees. Check out the property pages in The Press on Saturdays. When we were looking, the private rentals were a better spec (and generally much cleaner) than the agency ones.

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    Default Realtors & Rentals

    A realty company can represent a rental property as its property manager or as facilitator for a landlord. We are renting a house with a very strange landlord situation. The owner lives in London and bought the house sight unseen with his parents (local residents) bidding on it at auction. The house was shown by a realtor who processed our tenant application. When we have problems with the house (there have been many), we call the owner's parents.

    The reason I relate this story is to let you know to ask questions as to who handles what. I misunderstood the situation and thought we would be dealing with a professional property manger who would handle any issues. Instead, we have an uncommunicative absentee landlord and his often uncooperative parents.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Burgundy21 View Post
    .....BTW belated happy birthday to MB...

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