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Thread: Temuka/Geraldine/Timaru

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    Default Temuka/Geraldine/Timaru

    After much deliberation OH and I have decided to abandon thoughts of moving to the Dunedin area and go back to our original plan of moving to the Timaru area.

    We have been looking on the real estate sites to get an idea of the propeties available and have noticed a lot of properties available in Temuka. We had originally planned on living in Geraldine but wondered why so many properties were for sale in Temuka. Is there something we're not being told about the town Is it a ghost town? Is it inhabited by aliens Or has it been built on a sacred burial ground and is now cursed?

    Any info would be great
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    Hi Nickydwuk
    yes i know what you mean about Temuka loads of property and rearly good value.As with Waimate.
    We asked a teacher friend of ours what were temuka and waimate like(shes in Timaru) and she just said not a lot going on there .so not to informative (but i was asking loads of questions about other stuff as well) i will email her again and see if she can be more specific

    Cheers Johnty

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    Hi Guys,

    I've done a bit of work in Timaru. Doesn't seem a bad place. The town centre seems to have most of what you might need and usual leisure facilities. I was the only person in the swimming pool and the cinema last time I stopped over...

    Geraldine is a wee small place just off the main highway south. It's a nice stop for a coffee on the way to mountains and lakes. Haven't really spent any time in Temuka, but Iit looks the same as you drive through.

    I don't know about the North Island, but South Island properties seem to get cheaper as you get further away from the main centres of civilisation. Some of the houses are quite old and in need of renovation and repair. Others are just a long way from anywhere. You don't find too many newly built housing estates out there because there aren't enough local jobs to draw people to those areas. That probably reduces the pool of prospective buyers and would explain the lower prices.

    Look even further south - we saw a 4 bedroom house with 35 acres outside Invercargill for $150,000 last time we were down there. Fantastic if you don't mind the cold winters and can work from home!


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