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Thread: Papatoetoe??

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    Default Papatoetoe??

    My fiance and I have got job interviews for a school in Papatoetoe. Can anyone give us an idea on what the area is like? Also what places are near enough to live instead of living right by where we work??

    Tania & Graeme :icon_lol:

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    Default Papatoetoe??

    Papatoetoe is a suburb of Manukau City in Auckland. Here?s a bit of info about Papatoetoe . There's a section lower down that gives the schools in the area. Clicking on them can bring up the schools' websites.

    This map shows you the lie of the land around Papatoetoe and which other towns are around it. Type in Papatoetoe in the City/Suburbs box. You can manoeuvre the map to suit yourself using the directional arrows and zoom in and out.

    A demographic report of the Manukau area is shown here.

    If you type in Papatoetoe in the Where box of this AA map site it will bring up an interactive map that you can drag around and zoom into. You can find out where restaurants, local amenities etc. are. Only a small map and takes a minute or two to load up, but could be helpful when you find out how to use it.

    This is only background information, but we have a couple of helpful members living in the Auckland region who will, hopefully, be able to give you more personal ?on the ground? details when they next look into the forum.

    Good luck with the job interviews.
    Mother Bear

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    Default Papatoetoe??

    Manakau City is where the Maori population of Auckland live. It is a poorer area and the schools are low decile because of this. New policeman are usually posted there and the main dealings are domestic violence.

    I don't think it may be a place you would want to live but, as a teacher working in a high decile school where the parents can be a bit of an interfering pain in the neck, working there might be a good option.....depends on what type of school you are used to working in I suppose!

    Hope this helps


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    Default Papatoetoe??

    My wife teaches in Papatoetoe - pm her for info


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