Huge waves threaten Hastings homes
12.00pm Tuesday May 30, 2006

Coastal homes near Hastings were pounded by waves up to four metres high last night.The Dominion Post reported residents on the eastern coastline had been warned by police yesterday morning of heavy swells.

Last night police went door-to-door in Haumoana at high tide as waves swept up the beachfront. No homes were evacuated but residents were advised to be prepared to leave at short notice, Hastings District Council emergency officer Rene Londeman said.

'You never know with the waves ... there is very little you can do except protect people. You can't do anything for the properties,' he said.The swells peaked at about 7.20pm, just after high tide.

Heavy swells were expected for a few days and civil defence officials were keeping a watch on the waves, a council spokesman said.People were advised to be alert and careful if walking near the beach.

In March last year waves of up to six metres flooded Haumoana properties and uprooted four 15 metre-high Norfolk pines.