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Thread: Schools/kindys in Havelock North

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    Default Schools/kindys in Havelock North

    Anyone have any opinions on the schools (not the private ones!)/kindys in Havelock North?
    I've checked the ERO reports already but they're a bit technical. I want to know what the "feel" and reputation of the schools/kindys are e.g. are they 'posh' or 'rough'

    If we want to get the kids into a kindy just after we get there, to help them get settled, we need to get on a waiting list now, which means picking from one of the three kindys (Te mata, Havelock or Lucknow) from the UK. Not easy without having seen them.

    Also, the woman I contacted about kindy was suggesting that they 'feed' into certain schools? Does that mean if you go to a particular kindy that you have to go to a particular school???


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    Default Schools/kindys in Havelock North

    Hi Coxy,

    Hope you managed to sort out schools for your children, did you move to Havelock North in the end?

    Hubby and I got terribly lost in H.North last year.

    Spent about 40 minutes trying to get back onto the main road, it was a nightmare, it didn't help that it was pouring with rain and we couldn't see properly. To make things worse school was finishing and all the kids and buses were everywhere. I think we were in every housing estate nuke and crannie possible!!

    We've vowed never to go back - we can look back now and laff but at the time it was so frustrating [smiley=icon_evil.gif]

    i'm sure its a very nice place, it's just never gonna see us again [smiley=icon_lol.gif]

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