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Thread: rent to buy

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    Default rent to buy

    hi, i have heard there is a thing you can do in NZ where you rent a property and you have an option to buy at a later time but the rent you pay counts towards the mortgage.

    Does anyone know about this?



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    Default rent to buy

    Yeah there are some schemes offering this kind of thing. If I recall correctly tho, the word is BE CAREFUL!! Although the scheme seems great I belive there may have been several cases as dodgy dealings in this area where customers/tennants have lost out badly.
    Taffy posted on it a year or so ago, perhaps someone will dig out the thread and link you to it if you're unsuccessful searching on it.

    Seems like a really good idea tho if it can be done with reputable companies. Certainly something I'd be interested in.

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    Default rent to buy

    Yes, I've heard warnings about buying like this, too. I'll try and have a hunt around when I've got a bit of time, as it's always useful to know about these things. There might even have been an article in the papers about it quite a while ago, warning people about being ripped off.
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    Talking rent to buy

    Hey All

    Just jumped on Google to check out options "for rent to buy" caught the last part your conversation, about dodgy dealings with dodgy corporations, and to watch out for shady characters.

    Has there been any followup on this topic from anyone?


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    Default rent-2-buy-gottages






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    Default This might be useful

    Rent-to-own is pretty common in the US. I have always been dubious. Have a look here for warnings regarding rent-to-own in the states. I'm sure some of the pointers are relavent across the ocean too. Hope this helps.

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