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    If you purchase a lifestyle home on 30000 sq mtrs of land, are you obligated to have an income producing farm complete with animals and/or crops or can you just hoard the land without doing anything on it?

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    Default Lifestyle Homes

    It's up to you what you do with your land, but believe me it's no use to you if you dont get animals! It'll get overgrown and look a real mess in a matter of weeks. If you really cant stand to get some cows or something, then your only other option is a tractor with a mower attachment to keep on top of it. If gorse is in the area, you'll also be flooded with that, and that stuff is a nightmare to get rid of.

    Bottom line, don't bother with land if you don't want to look after it, just get yourself a huge house on a smaller section instead!

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    Default Lifestyle Homes

    You can't do completely nothing to your land, there are some regulations that you legally have to conform to. For example you must clear gorse within 20 metres of the boundary. If your shared boundary needs repairing you are required to either repair or pay for hald the repairs. If you have trees you also need to maintain firebreaks. Theses regulations are enforceable.

    However you would be better off just leasing our the land to a farmer who does want to farm

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