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Thread: Where in Auckland???

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    Default Where in Auckland???

    [smiley=006.gif] Hi there all, First time on a forum.
    My husband and I live in Perth WA and will be moving to Auckland in about 2 months. Because we are from WA, we don't need to have visas etc, just pack up and go!!! Cooool!
    My husband will be working in the suburbs of south auckland but we have been searching for a good suburb to live more in the east side, Howick way??? I have been going through the posts here and some have been quite helpful but I am confused about the smaller cities and which suburbs are in them. If anyone can make this a bit simple [smiley=017.gif] for me, I would be most grateful.

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    Default Where in Auckland???

    Hi Shayjay, I cannot comment much on where are the better suburbs in ACK but I just want to welcome you to our Forum. Welcome!

    I am sure there will be others who can reply to your enquires so ask us anything.. Cheers and good luck to your move.


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    Default Where in Auckland???

    I've heard the book
    Where to Live in Auckland
    is excellent and goes through all the possiblities with the ups and downs.

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    Default Where in Auckland???

    Any of the areas around Howick are fine ie; Dannemora,Botany,medowlands or further east you have Whitford,Beachlands & Maraetai.

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    Default Where in Auckland???

    Hi Shayjay,
    Jadet mentioned "WHERE TO LIVE IN AUCKLAND" it's a great book, I've got a copy.

    There is plenty of info within including prices etc.
    I would strongly recommend you get yourself a copy.

    It has a RRP OF $39.95NZ that was for the 2005 copy.


    Shipping was about 14 days to UK.

    Briefly, what it does say is - "Beachlands and Maraetai experienced the highest growth in the wave of Auckland-area sales activity during the recent boom but, while most of the area's sales have levelled out, Maraetai, in particular, has continued on a buoyant path".


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    Default Where in Auckland???

    If you want to find the suburbs around Howick you can try (NZ's map site).

    I wish I could help you out, but I can't remember anything around there at the moment.

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    Default Where in Auckland???

    You can chose an area and zoom in on this map site . Great for finding out which suburbs are where in Auckland.
    Mother Bear

    Try to bloom wherever you are planted.

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    Default Where in Auckland??? is a good one too...


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