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Thread: Touring holiday in campervan

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    Default Touring holiday in campervan

    Hoping to spend a few weeks touring nz in january hopefully in campervan. Any suggestions for hire companies? Is it best to pre book in uk or deal direct? Would be looking for a basic two berth camper. Any help and advice would be appreciated.

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    Default Touring holiday in campervan

    Hopefully, our member saraian will be able to help you on that one as thats exactly what they are doing at the moment! I'm sure when they check in next they'll give you a few pointers ;)

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    Default Touring holiday in campervan

    Unfortunately, you?re thinking of going during the peak season, so prices and availability of campervans and holiday park spaces will reflect that. Because of this, it might be better to pre-book from the UK to avoid disappointment when you get there. I have no personal knowledge of any of the companies mentioned below but, I believe, most of the bigger van rental companies are OK as camping is well established in NZ and the companies need to keep up to speed with the competition. I would hope that someone will appear who knows the situation from personal experience and can add to this.

    Campervans - look under More Travel Resources on the right hand side for vans, sites and routes.

    Campsites - you?ll need the zoom-in facility to read this.
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    Default Touring holiday in campervan

    I have no knowledge of campervan rentals, but 4 years ago, Maui was the only rental agency which would allow its vehicles to cross on the ferry. Other companies would arrange for a different vehicle on the other side, but you need to know what day you're crossing. Something to consider, if you are visiting both islands. Am not sure if Maui charges a premuim for the privilege.

    Also, my NZ guide book warns that thieves often target campervans in touristy spots because the vans often contain most of a person's valuables. Thus, keep that sort of stuff with you, lock your doors, and keep an eye out for shady characters.
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    Default Touring holiday in campervan

    Hi Guys as Taffy said we are touring at the moment and having a fantastic time. It really is in my opinion the best way to see NZ. We booked our camper on line from the UK, it is quite easy to do especially since kiwis are soooo helpful. Any of the firms that Motherbear has given you are good. I think it is swings and rounderbouts with all the different companies. Are camper is lovely and brand new, but it doesn't have space for luggage. we have seen the Kea camper that does have luggage boxes on the roof, but ours has an oven and 4 hobs as well as flat screen TV and Microwave....see what i mean.

    Just look on-line and it will give you more ideas.

    I'll get all our details and post them next time i log on. Hope that helps a bit.


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    Default Touring holiday in campervan

    Thanks everybody for all info posted. Its given us plenty to look at.

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    Default Touring holiday in campervan

    we booked a backpacker campervan initially, but were then upgraded to a britz. The features that you need from your campervan will very much depend on where you plan on parking up for the night, if you are going to use campsites, then go for a basic model as all campsites that you pay for(yup there are free campsites there as well) will have ample cooking facilities and usually have a TV room as well and the don't charge extra for showers in NZ like they often do in the UK. If however you are planning on camping in laybys and on free campsites where there are only toilet facilities you probably will want more facilities.
    We had a Hiace, which for two was perfect, plenty of space for storing the suitcases on the large shelf above the bed.

    A hint, we found the water in the tank wasn't even lasting a day, on inspection we realised that it was spashing out of the overflow when travelling, so we used to put a bug made from a scrap of cloth in the end for travelling and suddely the water was lasting 2 or 3 days - just remember to take it out before turning on the tap

    Definitely book in the UK before you travel though, you will be guarenteed to get what you want. Also the company will pick you up from the airport and take you to where you pick the van up from - it is even a free phone to tell them to come and get you.

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