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Thread: Lavin, North Island

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    Default Lavin, North Island

    Does anyone know of Lavin. Steve may have a chance of a job there and we know nothing about it. We were researching Auckland down to Bay of Plenty and found a few good areas we liked the look and sound of where we thought there would be good schools for our two boys. Lavin has thrown a spanner in the works, I believe it's near Wellington which is supposed to be very windy. Any info would be great.

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    Default Lavin, North Island

    Do you mean Levin? We've driven through Levin, looked a nice little town but don't know much else about it. It's a fair few kms north of Wellington though. It it's actually Lavin, then i've not heard of it sorry!

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    Default Lavin, North Island

    Perhaps you mean Levin? It looks like it's between Wellington (74 km) and Palmerston North (42 km). Sorry, but I don't know the town, but the map shows it is between the ocean and the Tararua Range. From what I've heard, Palmerston North is windy, too, though I'm not sure of what magnitude. Prevailing winds and much weather come from the west, so that area may get the brunt of it. The mountains will also contribute to greater rainfall there than on the far side of them or in an area with less topography. But I doubt it's nearly as wet as the Wet Coast of the SI does.

    Wellington itself can be breezy, especially on the waterfront, but wasn't a problem for us. Mind you, our experience was limited to several days in November. As far as I can tell by reading some forum posts, it's windiness is overrated. We really liked Wellington, and hope to move near there.
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    Default Lavin, North Island

    If it is Levin, it sure takes a lot of tracking down. Seems to be in the Manawatu area. Here's a link to a modicum of information:
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    Default Lavin, North Island

    Steve & Jan

    Yes If it's Levin, it's a nice quiet town which you drive through on the main rd from Welly to Palmy N.

    It's a lovely little town. My husband went for an informal chat with a company and whilst there I went to the park with the kids.

    i am not kidding in the UK they would have charged you to get in it was that good. For a small town I was evry impressed with the park so my first impression where a thumbs up.

    Hope this helps.


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