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Thread: Eng Maint fitter looking

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    Default Eng Maint fitter looking

    Have PR moving, over in October 05. (skilled migrant cat ) area's interested in are Whangarei, Napier and Tauranga. Can't seem to find many work positions on net in these areas for my trade. Not interested in finding job before I arrive but would like know if the areas that I am interested in will be able to offer employment options. so far everything seems to be for Auckland or Christchurch.
    Any info will be useful. Thanks.

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    Default Eng Maint fitter looking


    You're better off looking up employment agencies in each area on the website. Very few companies from those regions advertise on the main websites as they dont want the mountain of applications from people living abroad that cannot do the job and are looking at applying for any skilled jobs for residency, not to mention the expense of advertising on those sites!!

    Contact the agencies, tell them you have PR (make this fact VERY clear!!) and go from there. I wouldnt apply until closer the time though, agents dont like dealing with people not already in the country as some are inevitably a no-show.

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    Default Eng Maint fitter looking

    At the end of the day, if you take Napier as an example, you have 2 cities with 50000 people nearby. There's no way an engineer won't be needed somewhere surely. However look on the web and it's as if Napier doesn't exist. I'm sure that must apply to the other areas you mention too.


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