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    i have a job offer to work as a nurse in Timaru.
    Is there any one that has immigrated to timaru that could tell me what the city is like.

    In particular
    What are the schools like?
    whats the social life like for a 12 year old boy, will it be easy to make friends?
    Would it be easy for my partner to find employment , hes happy to put his hand to any thing but his main experience is manufactoring/ and care work for mental health and learning disabilities.
    Do you enjoy lkiving their?

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    Nice quiet litle country town.
    Timaru is 2 - 3 hours driving time from Christchurch or Dunedin. It is an excellent location to stop and relax from ones travels, and a base from which to explore South Canterbury. Timaru is South Canterbury's largest city and port and lies in the centre of the South Island. Bordered by the Rangitata River to the north and the Waitaki River to the south and stretching from the Pacific Ocean to the Southern Alps, South Canterbury contains1.42 million-hectares of farms, forests, mountain lakes and rivers.

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    We only spent a day there but it seemed a pleasant enough place.

    There were plenty of good shops, a good beach etc. It is a port so a dockyard is evident from the town and beach, but it is not unattractive. We went down to the beach early evening and there were quite a few cars there, kids playing on the beach and play area, and dads cooking on barbeques. Hubby got talking to someone who used to live in the UK ... we can't remember his name, but like a lot of folks we met he said moving had been the right thing for his family.

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