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Thread: renting with pets

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    Default renting with pets

    Hi everyone!
    Just wondered if anyone could point us in the right direction.We are looking to move out to Nelson by late summer (August,Sept time),we would like to rent for the first 6 months until we have decided where we would like to buy.We have a dog who will be coming out with us but we were worried about trying to rent house where the landlord allows pets.So far we have e-mail someone from a real estate agency & she said that they were pretty rare.
    Can anyone suggest any websites or contacts that would be able to help as we wouldn't want to leave our furry friend at home for 6 months until we get a house of our own!!

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    Default renting with pets

    Your guide to everything Nelson or

    Hope you find what you want, great walks for doggy there :icon_biggrin:

    We'll be looking to do the same, and while they are limited they are available we believe. We aim to try and get a holiday property before the holiday season, hopefully they'll be a bit more flexible. Plus there's always kennels as a short term meaure, at least they'll be cheaper than the UK.


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    Default renting with pets

    Wow! Never thought of Nelson before, it looks great. Wonder what the telecom jobs are like. :icon_biggrin: Sounds good for our dog too. We are also in the same position, really want the dog to come but need accomodating rental. I'm sure there must be some. Stay in touch and if you find one we can have it after you. :icon_wink:

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    Default renting with pets

    Yay! Let me know if you find dog-friendly land lords. We're moving to Nelson in August and even though we don't have a dog yet, I really want to get one!

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    Default renting with pets

    I have read about putting together a "pet resume" to help convince prospective landlords to accept one's pet. This might work in NZ. Include applicable obedience training certificates, vaccination & spay/neuter info, prior landlord references, etc. I suspect most landlords are concerned about potential damage, so anything you can tell them that would allay their fears should be useful. Good luck.
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